Montevideo and the growing need for tech talents in Uruguay

Ines Jakubovski, Campus Director at Holberton School Uruguay, participated in a webinar organized by ACDE (Christian Association of Business Directors) to present Holberton School along with #Holbies and Hiring partner!

ACDE Uruguay – a non-profit Association of Business Leaders, invited our local Campus Director to present Holberton School, along with Martin M. Saavedra, Architect and #Holbie, Guillermo Jacobi CTO from Zonamerica and Alvaro Vázquez Cerfoglio from Switch Software Solutions and Free Pass.

In this webinar, they discussed the new roles and skills needed in the local tech industry. The lack of tech talent in the country. Indeed the country graduates 800 software engineers per year when companies are looking for 2,500 of them. Therefore companies have to train internally or hire abroad. The tech sector is adding $1.7B to the economy every year.

While the need for Tech Talent is constantly growing in Uruguay, Holberton School, promoted by Fundacion Zonamerica, develops innovative training programs and cultural activities that allow people to learn new skills to enable them to work for the most prestigious and internationalized companies in Uruguay.

Located in the heart of Montevideo, Holberton School Uruguay trains best-in-class software developers with programs in Full-Stack Web Development, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality, and Low Level & Algorithms.

Only one year after its inauguration, 95% of the student from Montevideo Campus’ first cohort found jobs in the IT world.

Now, with two cohorts in the learning process, we’re looking forward to welcoming the next one, starting next week!

Don’t wait any longer; learn more about Holberton School Uruguay. #DefineYourFuture