Holberton School is opening in Guadalajara, in partnership with Universidad Anáhuac

We are thrilled to announce that we are opening a new campus in Guadalajara, Jalisco, to welcome new students in January 2022 ! This campus will be the second one in the lineup of 8 campuses in Mexico, in partnership with Anahuac University. This will bring the total number of Holberton Schools around the world to 28 in January.

With more than 50 years of history, Anahuac University is currently recognized as one of the 3 best universities in Mexico, according to the QS World University Rankings 2020. It has eight campuses around the country and five in the rest of the world. More than 90 thousand alumni attest to the mission of the Universidad Anáhuac: Contribute to the comprehensive training of positive action leaders and promote the development of the person and the society. The Anahuac educational model allows the person’s integral development by embracing the professional, intellectual, human, social, and spiritual dimensions, which is well-aligned with Holberton’s values and mission.

After Mérida, this new Holberton School campus is scheduled to open in January 2022, followed by 6 additional campuses in the two following years.

According to Pentalog, Guadalajara is known for its qualified labor force, and a commitment from local governments to make the infrastructures better, which is attracting companies and key suppliers. The quality of life is also getting Guadalajara a favorable climate for living, learning, and doing business. That’s why this city is hosting more than 600 tech companies, 78,000 IT professionals, and 4 research centers. Mexico is also a leader in computer science graduates, the skills are higher and the companies are there to increase the need for skills.

The expansion across Mexico is going to help students finding a school, and to have easier access to education. This will also help grow the notoriety of the school in this fast-evolving country, always searching for novelty.

We can’t wait to meet the first Holberton School Guadalajara students !

The application process is openned, you can now register and start the admission process here : https://apply.holbertonschool.com/ !