Holberton School opens in Guatemala in partnership with Banco G&T Continental & Universidad Anáhuac

We are thrilled to announce that we are opening a new campus in Guatemala, Central America, to welcome new students in January 2022 ! This campus will be the first one in this country, in partnership with Anahuac University and Banco G&T Continental. This will bring the total number of Holberton Schools around the world to 29 in January.

Anahuac Online and Banco G&T Continental will offer the first 100 students a scholarship and an educational credit option. This will open opportunities to promote the education and development of Guatemalans in the most innovative careers in the digital world.

The launch was first announced in Guatemala last week during a local press conference that took place at the new campus. The event welcomed Guatemalan authorities, government, representatives from Anáhuac Online, Holberton School, Campus Tecnológico (Tec), Banco G&T Continental, Fundesa, Agexport, the Guatemala Investment Promotion Office, and local and international businesses to announce and celebrate this achievement alongside Julien Barbier, our co-founder and CEO. María Eugenia Tabush, director of the Guatemala Investment Promotion Office presented their goals, as well as the impact that the school will have on the local economy:

Guatemala seeks to develop 2.5 million formal jobs. One of the areas we are focusing on is software development. We are sure that Holberton School will find in Guatemala a seedbed and will help to create a much greater supply of human labor than what already exists.

Guatemala plans to become the central American Silicon Valley. According to Agexport, thanks to the development of video games, apps, software, and other technical experiences, Guatemalan companies are now entering markets in North America, Central America, and Latin America. 

The launch of a new campus in Guatemala is responding to an urgent need for high-skilled professionals in software engineering, as underlined by Sebastián del Buey, Corporate Marketing Manager of Banco G&T Continental during the press conference:

Technology and the digital world is not the future but the present, and thanks to programs like Holberton’s we will be able to put Guatemala on the map. At G&T Continental we have been working to provide Guatemalans with the best financial products and services for them to achieve their dreams […]. In this case, the idea is to support this new milestone in education in Guatemala, through our products and services.

Holberton School Guatemala plans to enroll 100 students for January 2022. The major tech ecosystem of the region –  Campus Tecnologico – in zone 4 of Guatemala City, will host the new Holberton School campus. It will offer Guatemalans the opportunity to be an important part of the 4th industrial revolution.

We have always thought that software engineering education is something important that is missing in the country, and that is why we thank Holberton School for coming to Guatemala and contributing to an important part of our technological innovation ecosystem.

Concluded Juan Mini, director of the Tec Campus, during the press conference.

Guatemalans, here we come!