What is it like studying at Holberton School Tulsa?

Holberton School Tulsa was founded in the Arts District of downtown Tulsa in spring of 2020. Tulsa has a great need for skilled software developers; the tech industry in Oklahoma is projected to provide thousands of jobs over the next decade, and the investment of city and community partners paved the way for establishing a Holberton campus to ensure the incoming workforce is prepared to meet the demand for workers.

Holberton School Tulsa seeks to tap into communities that are historically underrepresented in tech to ensure the growing technological industry in Tulsa is representative of the population it serves. Flexible financing and living assistance partnerships with community organizations ensure that students have the ability to put their education first.

Located in the Arts District of Downtown Tulsa, our facilities are available 24/7 to students and aim to provide them with any resources they might need in their time here. In order to accommodate a projected increase in enrollments, we are currently expanding our campus into an adjacent building which will be open in summer 2022. Until then, you can check out what our current building looks like through our virtual tour.

Students say it better!  

Rocko Gilbert is a Holberton School student who decided to pursue software engineering as a means to advance his career goals by specializing in web development. He wanted a lifestyle with better income, more reliable working hours and responsibilities, where he could be creative and make decisions. He’s no stranger to hard work and learning software development has been another area where he’s been able to apply himself for success.

Lance Burklin came to Holberton School to turn a lifelong love of coding as a hobby into a career. Like many parents, it’s very important to Lance to be able to provide for his family to the best of his ability. A career in software allows him the opportunities and stability to give his daughter the kind of life she deserves.

Carlos Esquivel decided to attend Holberton School as an alternative to the traditional four-year university path, when he realized that the flexible financing and career preparation would better suit his personal goals. He chose to pursue software development because he wanted to learn more about how to make the technology we interact with every day. In his time at Holberton School Tulsa, he has grown to love the diverse community of students that comprise his peers, and hopes that the path behind him stays open for even more new voices interested in the tech industry.

Bree Browder came to Holberton School after taking community college classes while working a full-time job. She saw Holberton School as a more affordable, accessible option toward formal education that was more focused toward getting her a job in tech, and the campus community provided an environment conducive to her success as a student.

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