Twitch – Live Coding Session 

Save the date: monthly, our developers will take the stage on Twitch to code stuff live on the platform!

Explaining the process, finding solutions, getting stuck, exploring new notions, going deep using trendy techno, responding to questions, getting help from the chat, etc. Those sessions will be interactive and helpful to anyone learning how to code! Feel free to join us!

In October, we went live for the first time! 

Matthieu, Holberton HQ Senior Lead Developer, is a main Ruby and C developer with strong knowledge of Python. During this session, he built a random ASCII Art pumpkin generator. 

This Live Coding Session was interesting because he shared his reflection behind the construction of the Generator. We don’t really care about the final result here; the goal was to share the process, the way of thinking, and the steps to structure the project. 

To match the viewer needs and interest Koko made them vote for the language they wanted him to use, between C, Ruby, and Python. Python was selected! You can find the code built during this session on GitHub. Do not hesitate to replicate and tag us so we can see the result!

Rewatch the entire session here:

Also you can go straight to the timecode, that interest you most: 

1:30 Ignition of the project

2:30 Writing the example to the terminal

7:00 First version working, let’s add some structure and start splitting pumpkin generation

15:20 Program structure generating pumpkin in 2 parts, let’s generate the body shape programmatically

49:02 Pumpkin body shape done, now cleaning up the code and making the size configurable

59:00 let’s generate the stem

1:23:20 the stem is now generated, let’s draw the eyes

1:43:00 we got vertical eyes! Let’s make them look good now

1:56:05 Eyes done, wrapping up

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See you next time on Twitch