In France and elsewhere, the Holberton School campuses have mobilized to raise awareness of breast cancer in their community.

We organize a 💞 Pink day 💞, a dedicated day during which each Holbies and staff member wore the colors of their support.

During this day, a lot of animations were made on the subject. Quiz games, discussions, and videos allowed the staff and Holbies to learn more about the topic that does not only affect women.

We wanted to tell you more about some figures of the World of Breast Cancer: 

  • Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the world: 2.2 million cases of breast cancer were reported in 2020
  • 1 in 12 women develops breast cancer in their lifetime. Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in women.
  • Countries that have succeeded in reducing breast cancer mortality have reduced annual breast cancer mortality by 2-4% per year. If annual mortality declined by 2.5% each year worldwide, 2.5 million breast cancer deaths would be prevented between 2020 and 2040

Thank you to all our teams and students for joining us in this cause! 

Above the faces of the 4 Holberton School France (Lille – Paris – Laval – Toulouse) campuses.

And Here blow other fun pictures

Lille Campus

Paris campus

Laval Campus