Holberton School is coming to Libya 

With the opening of a new campus in Tripoli, Libya, in January 2023, Holberton School is now operating in 15 countries. This will be the 34th Holberton School campus in the world, and the fourth in Africa.

Located in downtown Tripoli, the school campus will be able to welcome 250 students at the same time, with open spaces and working areas, starting in January 2023. With its 12 and 18-month Computer Science programs, Holberton School Libya will make education accessible to a wider range of its population. 

“Holberton School Libya will not be just another IT School, it is part of the Change 90 initiative to empower youth and women to build a better future by building technology-based startups.” Faruq Khalifa, Holberton School Libya Founder, and Change Initiative 90 Founder.

Today, in Libya, there is no intensive program to obtain internationally recognized IT education. By bringing Silicon Valley Caliber Software Engineering Education to Libya, Holberton School Tripoli’s ambition is to train 500 students during its first five years of operation. Which will help Holberton to pursue its mission to help fill the IT Talents Gap in Africa and train 1,500,000 new African students in computer science and software engineering by 2030.