Hiring Partners, another perspective of the industry

Holberton School Uruguay’s Hiring partners play a very important role in the development of its students. Promoting instances of exchange where students can build their professional network, ask questions, make suggestions, and share points of view, allows the campus to create a dynamic and collaborative ecosystem. This kind of exchange can help students achieve even greater results.

With presentations, chats, workshops, mock interviews, and talks, the Hiring Partner companies share their experience and knowledge of the Uruguayan and international Tech industry. Involving tech companies in Holbies’ experience is a great way to show them another perspective of the industry, directly from the inside.

These local events allow our Holbies to discover the unknown world behind each one of our Hiring Partners. All of them have different approaches, objectives, and methodologies that might awaken interest in specialization or a job that they did not think they would be interested in. Those kinds of reunions are useful for the companies to introduce themselves to our Holbies and let them know from the inside how the IT companies are positioned in the market, to listen to their proposals and see what they aim for.

By now Holberton School Uruguay built an ecosystem with more than 30 international and local companies, including: 1950 labs, Abya, Aiva, Altimetrik, Arcsona, Armorbionics, Bantotal, BelogIT, Blast, EagerWorks, Globant, IBM, ICA, Infogain, IOVlabs, Ironhide, Koibanx, Loopsutdio, Memory, Opground, Oracle, Protect Group, Pyxis, QAlified, QoxIT, Qualabs, Sabre, Sisinfo, Switch, TCS, Uma, Verifone, Vertex Ray, Zonamerica. 

There is also a chance that Holbies, at the end of the program, seek employment in one of these companies. 3 months after finishing the program, Holberton Uruguay’s first cohort, C#13 and C#14, had a 95% of employability rate, and 64% of its alumni were working with local Hiring Partners.

“We are very grateful to all our Hiring Partners for being part of Holberton School Uruguay and giving our students valuable tools to become better professionals,” said Ines Jakubowski, Holberton Uruguay Campus Director. 

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