Holberton School helping women to achieve their dreams of learning Software Development.

International women’s month is the occasion to focus on our female students across the world, their dreams, and how is Holberton School is helping them.
In our previous article, we’ve seen that women were always part of major changes in tech history, and that they are more than able to take high positions in companies, as the knowledge and abilities are more valued than the individuals.

As they are entering the tech industry, and as leaders of tomorrow, we asked our students, women from different campuses, origins, and ages, and gathered some of their very interesting answers here.

Yazmín Giraldo C15, Siham Badyine C17, Shannel Bejarano C15, Paula Carvajal Nieto C15, Ons Jannet C13, Khouloud Alkhammassi C11, Ana María Rocha Aguirre C16, Manuela Espinosa C17, Omayma Korbi C17, Zahraa Asaad alumni.

We’ll focus for this last article on the dream our women community has and how Holberton School can help them reach their goals.

What is your dream job?

Our students across the globe dream big! 
Running their own business, belonging to an international company, managing a team of creative software engineers, working abroad, remotely, from anywhere in the world, or within a local team, and many other working configurations!

The aim for women in working can be to explore their creativity, create amazing things, innovate in technologies, generate employment, gain experience, or bring education to those with fewer opportunities.

Women want to be valued for their work and experience. Our students don’t fear their future and already have strong objectives; we are so proud of them!

How is Holberton School helping you achieve your dream?   

We, at Holberton School are giving the right tools to the students, so that they can learn and improve during their whole career, especially for women who needs to be highlighted. Teaching how to learn is our crucial method to give students the right tools to understand their working environment and adapt to a fast-evolving market.

Yazmin G: “Holberton School is helping me achieving my dream by teaching me how to learn, that is the most valuable skill we could learn.”

For other students it’s about educational fees, and the fact that we grant access to high education to everyone, as they have from many different backgrounds. Some have to take care of children, of their parents or their finances. That’s why we try as much as possible to find scholarships thanks to our partners across the globe.

Paula C: “Holberton School allows me to study with a scholarship that brings me calm and security to dedicate my time to learn everything in the program.”

For other women, it was a total change in their life and an opportunity for a new adventure. Some of them were working before joining the school, and the financial help from Holberton School allowed them to focus on what’s really important: learning Computer Science. Other students created their business while in the school to be financially independent, and to practice what they learned.

Ons J: “A year after joining I left my job and created my very own startup that’s specialized in blockchain technology with two of my peers.”

We also encourage initiatives and projects creation, allowed by the peer learning and the problem solving educational model we created.

Zahraa A:  “I get the chance to kick off several new projects

Entrepreneurship, management, leading projects and group of people, we encourage our students and especially women to take the lead! We are offering many opportunities to our students, and especially women, as they need the spotlight they always deserved.

The global feeling we have now is that women are more and more empowered, and wants to be heard.

Ons J: “Diversity is a great thing women will change the tech industry by bringing new perspectives

Things are changing with time and we are so proud of all our students, no matter their gender! Women are more and more affirmed in the tech industry and we are so happy to help this next generation to train for their dream job.

Holberton School is helping its students and women by standing a change and change their future.

This was our last article about women studying Computer Science, we hope it helped our community to feel stronger and to know that no matter the gender, the individuals are the greater strength. Our Holbies, Alumni, Partners can count on each other and that is what makes us stronger.

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