C15 End of Foundations Demoday

June 2021, students from all over the world (Tulsa, Tunis, New Haven, San Juan, Cali, Montevideo, Medellin, Bogota, Barranquilla, Lille, Lima, Quito) started their journey to become Software Engineers with #Cohort15!

On March 25, 2022, Cohort 15 ended the first part of the training: Foundations of Computer Science! To conclude this chapter, students built a Portfolio project and presented their accomplishements during #DemoDay! 

This time, our campuses decided to go big with those presentations! Curious to see how #DemoDay happens in Uruguay and Colombia?? Check it out !

Here are the replay videos! 

Bonus, here are the happy faces of Holberton School Puerto Rico’s #C15 đź¤©

It’s only a snippet of our students’ (fantastic) projects. At Holberton School, you won’t only learn Software Development. Throughout your education, you’ll learn the soft skills necessary to further your success after graduation, such as presenting your ideas and projects, standing on a stage, speaking in front of an audience, answering live questions, etc. 

Congratulations, C#15, on finishing Foundations! We’re super proud of you! Let’s the fun begin with Specializations!!