Holberton School Tunis and its Investment in Culture

Holberton School Tunis has always been all about bringing together students of different profiles to create bridges with other prestigious institutions in Tunisia. Spreading culture and educating students has been Holberton School Tunis’s main goal all along hence its partnership with Campus Culture. It is a program that promotes culture on university campuses. It was founded on the will of combining excellent scientific training with intellectual openness to national and international artistic and cultural production. An opening that offers arts and culture their rightful place in the construction of citizenship and sociability of young Tunisians. 

Campus Culture is an inter-campus collaboration, bringing together four public and private educational institutions with the aim of bringing their students closer to culture. One of their main goals is to train in cultural management through practice. These were the most intriguing reasons behind Holberton School Tunis’ association with Campus Culture. Holberton School Tunis is adamant about giving its students the best education as well as a cultural experience.  

Following these purposes, Holberton School Tunis along with Campus Cultures’ other partners have created a number of round tables that dealt with health issues in the workplace. Such was the case at Holberton School Tunis when specialists in the field were present to enlighten the students on the well or ill-being at work in Tunisia.  

Besides that, Holberton School Tunis held an opening and an exhibition of a young artist and student who had the amazing opportunity to showcase her work in front of a lot of people. These are the kind of experiences that Holberton School Tunis and Campus Culture seek for the young. 

Campus Culture constantly organizes cultural events revolving around the performing arts, cinema, or literature; cultural visits to visual arts and heritage sites; competitions of eloquence,  drawings, paintings, sculptures, scenarios, documentaries, and Film cycles by theme, director, or actor. 

In addition, and faithful to its purpose, which is to establish a diversified cultural program, common to various institutions, with highlights specific to each, Campus Culture launched Factory Fest, a student festival, initiated by the students of IHEC Carthage with the participation of other partners, University of Paris Dauphine|Tunis, IPEST and Holberton School Tunis, as well as the Higher School of Audiovisual and Cinema (ESAC Gammarth). 

The program includes films, exhibitions, meetings, music, on different themes related to the company as well as a Factory Fest Academy to educate our young people about festival management through practical experience. This event offers a great opportunity for students to not only learn but also recognize the relationship between culture and business which is a vital point in building the future that starts today. 

Thus, students were involved in the design and organization of events. The implementation of the program relied mostly on the participation of students and it wasn’t only for the purpose of turning them into actors but also into producers of cultural content. 

Holberton School Tunis’ students have been fortunate enough to experience such a thing by participating in the info-session that took place on campus and they’ve been granted the chance to see various movies for free thanks to Holberton School Tunis’ partnership with Campus Culture.

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Author: Sana Gannouni