Holberton School Tunis’ incredible C12 & C13 graduation party!

In Tunis, the graduation ceremony has become a much-awaited and appreciated tradition for students & staff. This convivial event allows students to reunite with peers, family, and staff, after 18 months of serious and intensive learning! 

The latest edition occurs on July 20th with 30 graduated students! 

Most of the participants have already started respectable positions in the field of programming, or have chosen to open their own companies. They all were happy to meet again, at the school, to celebrate and congratulate each other on their educational and professional success, in an atmosphere of joy and emotions 

This event is also the opportunity to get to meet with the major players in the field of computer science in Tunisia! Human resources managers and general managers from big Tunisian companies were invited and present at this event!  Students had the great opportunity to start building their professional network for a lifelong career in tech! #network. 

Neila BENZINA the co-founder of Holberton School Tunis gave the opening word by directly addressing the students to applaud their perseverance and their desire to succeed. Accompanied by the campus manager, Amine BEN AMOR, who saluted, on behalf of the Holberton school Tunis team, the persistence and efforts that have brought these students to this point.

Neila Benzima

“As the South African saying goes, “Alone we go faster, together we go farther”. Holberton’s DNA is all about teamwork. I am sure that our students will go far” said Amine BEN AMOR

If you want to be part of the Holberton school family, registrations are already open to join the next session! There are 3 cohorts per year! Start your application Today