Holberton School arrives in Mauritius!

With the opening of a new campus in Floréal, Mauritius, in February 2023, Holberton School is now operating in 16 countries. This will be the twenty-fifth Holberton School campus in the world!

Across the world, all companies struggle to hire operational software engineers. Mauritius makes no exception to this trend. Each year, almost 300 software engineers graduate from the Mauritian university, whereas local information and communications technology (ICT) companies are looking for 500 operational software engineers.

Seeking to increase the employability level of Mauritian people, Holberton Mauritius aims to train 200 students by the end of 2025, in a 360m2 open-space campus, where students will get inspired, confident, and motivated to learn how to code and how to become first-rate professionals.

With the opening of its fourth campus in Africa, the network of schools is launching its first school on the Indian Ocean islands. Located in the heart of the island, Holberton Mauritius will allow Mauritian people to access high-quality 18-month computer science programs, and a six-month internship period.

Frédéric Waeber, the founder of the Mauritian Holberton School, says, “We are very excited to open a campus in such a buzzing area. Already, 10 companies are interested in becoming hiring partners of the school! As the IT job market is very stretched, we are confident that our students will find jobs quickly by the end of their studies”.

Application for February are already open! Check it out!