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Holberton School Middle East is partnering with We Grow Minds to enhance its students’ experience!

Holberton School Middle East improves its students’ experience by partnering with a renowned company: We grow minds. This collaboration will allow Holberton School’s Students and Alumnus to access more job vacancies, webinars and develop paid projects.

This summer, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the two entities. This MoU aims to provide Lebanese students a unique perspective on learning, development, recent technologies in the software development industry, and a community to rely on.

Established in 2018 by a professional and academic crew with more than 25 years of combined experience in the IT and business fields, We Grow Minds offers customized training and professional consultancy services to corporate and individuals, executives and employees, professionals, and students. Their services equip knowledge seekers with practical skills in leadership, design thinking, IT service, Project Management, Risk and Crisis Management, Human Resources Management, and many others. We Grow Minds is here to cater for a space that topples the conventional walls between the traditional educational system and the 21st-century essential employability skills.

This collaboration will strengthen Holberton School Middle East’s vision of giving hope and resilience to the local Lebanese community by providing support and access to state-of-the-art tech programs in the tech field and software development industry, transforming Lebanon into the tech hub of the Middle East.

The first event resulting from this collaboration will take place in October 2021. Stay tuned for the LCPC, a competitive programming contest, where the top programming teams (3 students per team) from all Universities in Lebanon will compete to solve a set of problems. LCPC, regularly organized since 2009, is an annual programming competition that aims at raising computing standards among University students in Lebanon. Given its high competitiveness, the LCPC has become an attractive forum for recruiting the most talented students in the country. 

We wish our best for a successful impact in this collaboration and look forward to seeing all the outstanding achievements and plans together.

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Holberton School opens 9 new schools in the Middle East.

We are thrilled to announce that we are expanding to the Middle East area! 9 new schools will open in 9 new countries in July this year. This will bring the total number of Holberton Schools around the world to 25.

Our first school in the Middle East opened in Beirut, Lebanon, in March 2020. The Holberton School Beirut has since sparked interest from other countries in the region. Today, we are very excited to announce the opening of Holberton Schools in Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, and Kuwait.

The 9 new locations, as well as Holberton School Lebanon, will be regrouped into a new entity called Holberton School Middle East. It will be operated and managed by StarTechEUS. Alexandre Harkous will serve as Chairman of Holberton School Middle East.

This massive expansion will play a key role in the economic growth in the region.

“There is a high demand and need for qualified tech talent, and a tech education is the key to remaining competitive in a global economy. Our students have exceptional talents, and our goal is to develop those gifts into excellences while supporting their unique needs.” – Alexandre Harkous, Chairman of Holberton School Middle East. 

The First-of-its-kind Tech initiative will allow the region to provide best in class tech curriculum seeking to empower Arab technology-driven students, and giving them the opportunity to grow, thrive, and realize their potential by equipping them with the required skills to compete in the local, regional and international markets.

“We’re focused on developing strategies and programs for young Arabs with tech skills that encourage inclusion and a passion for Technology. We’re very excited about this potential social impact and our Holberton School expansion.” –  Alexandre Harkous, Chairman of Holberton School Middle East.

The 9 new campuses will start online first and will gradually open physical spaces as soon as COVID-19 allows it.

Holberton School Middle East plans to train 10,000 new students in software engineering and computer science by 2025.

To learn more about Holberton School Middle East, you can visit www.holberton-me.com.