Meetup: Don’t code the weakest link


Title:  Don’t code the weakest link, introduction to security
Speaker: Nicolas Bacca
When: Friday, January 29, 2016 – 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
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The security of a system is equivalent to the security of its weakest link – to build a secure system you need to understand the general interactions between its building blocks.

* What connected systems look like in 2016
* From computer hacker movies to real world security exploits – the future is now
* Network security basics
* Understanding attacks and threats (from malware to code injection to sophisticated phishing)
* Gentle introduction to cryptography
* Death of the password

Exercises / Hands-on

* Find my PIN (Level: beginner)
* Decrypt me (Level: beginner)
* Decrypt me 2 (Level: medium)
* The lost machine (Level: advanced)

Bring your laptop and an ID.

Important: We will check IDs at the entrance. You will not be able to enter the school if you are not on the list.

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About Nicolas Bacca



Nicolas is the co-founder and CTO of  Ledger, a startup designing Bitcoin hardware wallets and other auditable, open and secure Personal Security Devices. He has been involved in the embedded security industry for more than 15 years as R&D engineer, and independent consultant for major industry players; CEO and CTO of several startups. He built the most cost efficient FIDO U2F Security Key implementation with his team, is passionate about optimized code and well implemented security protocols, tries to push for more open standards at every possible opportunity. Also, he is not afraid of nudging closed objects into being more open when diplomacy fails.