C14 End of Foundations projects

Last week, students from Cohort 14 went through an important step of their journey to become Software Engineers!
All of them ended Foundations 🎉

They built a Portfolio project, and we decided to highlight some of them, so here is a snippet of some of our students’ (great) projects.


MiBolsillo is an application that works as a personal financial coach. Our product, LINK ML helps this app to fulfill its purpose. The Accelerator feature calculates three categories where the user could have the highest savings potential, taking into account the user’s financial habits. On the other hand, Message Fetcher sends every day a different and personalized advice for each user regarding the management and care of their money.

Meet our students: Salome Grizales, Jerson PĂ©rez, Sebastian Molina Henao.

Learn more: https://sebastianmh14.github.io/memory_leaks.io/


Web scraping project for LinkedIn profiles and their respective newly created companies, with the objective of generating clients for Techstar company who is in charge of offering its entrepreneurship services to these companies which are emerging.
For this purpose, a Nodejs script is being used thar runs at a certain present time, for the daily extraction of these profiles of interest.
It also has a REST API, which is used to consult this information stored in the Mongodb cloud database. This is mainly focused to be used by developer users.
Finally we have other automated process that sends daily notification emails with the new profiles added from yesterday.

Meet our students: Angui Clavijo Gutiérrez, Cristian Pinzón.

Learn More: https://angie-clavijo-desarrollo.github.io/#contact


Web application that reduces the self-employees interaction with their clients through a quote form with parameters predefined by the worker. The response to the quote contains the calculations with the cost and time of the service.
Additionally, it has a scheduling interface for the client to separate an appointment according to the availability of the service provider.

Meet our students: Mateo Londoño Urrea, Vanessa García, Katherin Gomez.

Learn More: https://www.rescot.systems/


Nabu is a multiplatform application which facilitates acces to basic education for young people in remote regions with limited internet access.
By downloading and storing academic ressources in a lighter format, ideal for mobile devices, they can also be evaluated by teachers who can propose activities through the platform.

Meet our students: Angel Felipe Vergas Benitez, Luis Guillermo Colorado Coral.

Learn More: http://www.nabu.social/


This content manager worls with the current visual interface of hackU, allowing those in charge of the pedagogy area, to be able to manage educational content in a more friendly, fast and effective way.
In order to make this manager, technology such as PostgresSQL, Django and CoockieCutter had to be used.

Meet our students: Jaime Aricapa, Jorge Morales, Frank Grijalba.

Learn More: https://hacku.jaimearicapa.tech/


Automated Crawler and Scrapper Engine (ACASE) is a bot developed in Python with the library Selenium.
This scrapper is capable of search information of three websites recommended by the company and return all this information into an API developed with Django and save all the data in database created with MySQL.
All this information is sent into a view to the Frontend where it starts to consume of and return new information sent by the user.

The user site was developed in HTML, CSS and Javascript where the watchman has the possibility to make the research filtering by keywords and urls, watch a little description about the content of the card, the name, visit the url and make some notes about it. Also, the user has the possibility to save the card in a different view named SellecciĂłn or if the user is not interested, he has the possibility to send it to Papelera view.

Meet our students: Esneider Granada Valencia, Natalia Arteaga Corrales, Carlos Cruz Zuluaga.

Learn More: http://esneidergrvc.tech/acase/


A web application has been built with two user interfaces, one to send money and one to receive it, collecting the name and phone number of the user to whom the money will be sent, and using this data as a method of identification.
The simplicity of this application for this type of operation makes it different from the most used in the market. An API was also created to register the operations carried out with the web application, which registers, updates, and validates the transactions with the data of the people who receive money and their respective amount.

Meet our students: Diana Parra, Victor Hugo Cuartas Ruiz, Brian Zapata.

Learn More: https://www.canva.com/design/DAEuCKL5xcI/NHLreyvmFhi82IBAA-MgTg/view?website#2:intro

To learn more about the students projects, here is at your disposal:
All the projects from Colombian students
The Demo Day Facebook live of Colombia
The Demo Day Youtube live of Uruguay

Many other projects couldn’t be highlighted, but we are proud of all of them, and the student’s hard work to achieve this. The picture is from the DemoDay in Colombia.

Congratulations C#14 on finishing Foundations! We’re super proud of you and wish you all the best for Specializations! Let’s do it!