Holberton School Student Testimonials

4 questions you always wanted to ask our Holbies

Choosing one’s path, choosing a career, choosing a school, or a Bootcamp can be difficult. Our students made that choice and joined Holberton School

Since that moment, what do they think about their choice? In March 2021, we started to create a series of videos that featured students from all around the world. They have been asked quick questions. Here is a “Best of” series of their answers! 

How would you describe Holberton School in one word? 

“Challenging,” “Life-Changing,” “a great Opportunity”… That’s a tough question, with thousands of possibilities. Think about a word, and check our student’s responses! 

Is the Checker your friend? 

The checker is the tool that auto-grades our students’ code. There are no surprises here; some of our students LOVE it, and some have mixed feelings about it. Check it out! 

What would you say to a beginner? 

A classic but essential question to ask our Holbies! Some of them said, “Give it a try!” “be committed and have fun!”, “just do it!”, check out their answers! 

What have you learned about yourself? 

Some experiences can be life-changing. What do our Holbies think about this one? What have they learned about themself while learning how to program? Check it out! 

Check out our full Student Videos series, go to our YouTube channel!