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Spot. Click. Share. Contest

Hello Friends, while you read this blog on your phone in BART, one of our students may be journeying with you! No, like SERIOUSLY! Our dear students are traveling with you in the subway trains every day… Haven’t you noticed them yet?


Holberton students are riding along with you in San Francisco Bay Area public transport BART on posters… Our students started to have some fun by taking cool selfies with the posters, so we thought of sharing the fun with you too!


We decided to organize a contest for all of you! Isn’t that a mega-exciting Llama farm fun news?

Ready…. Set…. ARDUINO….

If you have a passion for Arduino or you tinker, hack, make or create cool stuff, then this contest is for you! Tinkerers, rejoice! We are excited to announce the “Spot. Click. Share” contest that sponsors an Arduino Starter Kit for the winner.

Simple steps to enter the contest:

  1. SPOT: Find Holberton school’s poster in Bart while traveling.
  2. CLICK: Click a selfie with the poster.
  3. SHARE: Share it on social media (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) with #YouCanToo and tag us @holbertonschool.


Rules for the contest:

  • Open to all BART travelers in the SF Bay Area.
  • The most creative picture with a caption wins.
  • The post must have the hashtag #YouCanToo.
  • The contest ends on June 22nd, 2017.
  • The results will be announced on June 26th, 2017.

To improve your odds of winning, you can make sure your picture receives more reposts/retweets/shares and likes. So put your creative caps on, share your picture with us in the most creative way you can.

The thought of winning this cool Arduino Starter Kit should alone be enough to make you break out your soldering iron!

Good luck and happy spotting, clicking & sharing!

Holberton launches Summer Coding Camp!

Holberton is launching it’s inaugural Summer Coding Camp! This is a 3-week Summer Coding Camp for 15 to 18 year olds where students will not attend class but will be learning through  building their first website, following our progressive education methodology focusing on learning by doing.

Over the course of the camp, tech companies will tour their offices to students, in addition to collaborating with current Holberton students and mentors, so that our campers will gain exposure and keen insights on what it takes to become a professional in the tech industry.

GRAMMY award-winning artist NE-YO is part of the mentor team, he recently joined the school’s Board of Trustees to help attract underrepresented groups to software engineering. NE-YO will be reviewing our campers’ progress personally.

NE-YO doing a Q&A with Holberton students

Following Holberton’s mission to make high quality education accessible to the most, the 3-week camp is totally free and can even accommodate for those who cannot afford transportation and food.

The coding camp will cover the basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript. Students will learn to build their first website and personalize it to their taste. Mentors from Silicon Valley Tech companies will come to the school to coach them and give feedback on their performance during the demo day.
The camps starts on June 26th and applications are now open! If you want to support this initiative, please help us spread the word!

Welcoming Ne-Yo to our Board of Trustees

We are very proud to announce that the GRAMMY award-winning artist NE-YO has joined our Board of Trustees. He is taking an active role in attracting underrepresented groups to software engineering by attending Holberton. “I believe that a major key to success in life is the presence of opportunity. Tech is an ever-growing, evolving industry, and I want to assist in opening doors for people across the country,” said NE-YO. “Holberton School is in a unique position to train people of all backgrounds to lead in the digital age. I couldn’t be more excited about Holberton’s mission and model.”

NE-YO interviewed by Holberton students

Our first 3 cohorts have already brought together a diverse group of students, we have 40% women and more than half of our students are people of color. Ne-Yo will help us to bring our success to the next level and will especially focus on Black/African-America and Hispanic/Latino which represents 11% and 8% of Holberton students. Please join us to welcome Ne-Yo onboard, together we will fix education and train the next generation of highly-skilled Software Engineers!

Holberton featured in FastCompany

Holberton was recently featured in a FastCompany video explaining how its innovative education methodology will train highly skilled Software Engineers that the Tech industry is craving for. Inspired by Progressive Education, a pedagogical movement that started in the late nineteenth century, students are developing their problem solving, critical thinking and soft skills by working on projects. At Holberton, there are no formal teachers, no lectures, students learn by doing and collaborating with their peers. Students from Holberton’s first cohort, not due to graduate until early 2018, have already been hired or completed internships at Silicon Valley companies such as Apple, Dropbox, NASA, Docker, and LinkedIn.

Check out the video!

Holberton Wins the 2017 School Leader EdTech Award

What a great honor Holberton just received from EdTech Digest. We learned yesterday that we had earned an EdTech Leadership Award in the category “School Leader” as part of the 2017 EdTech Awards from EdTech Digest.

Here’s what they had to say:

“From old school to new school, 21st-century education is in the midst of a paradigm shift. Chalkboards have given way to smartboards, desktop clutter to digital clean, disparate data to dashboard clarity, and isolated teachers to connected educators,” said Victor Rivero, who as Editor-in-Chief of EdTech Digest, oversees the program. “Yet while evidence of the power of technology’s transformative effect on matters of learning is all around us, the power to energize education still lies within us. Holberton is on the leading edge of providing a better learning environment for a new generation of learners, they are changing school culture with purpose-driven project-based collaborative learning and getting great results. We need more of this kind of energy and mission-driven leadership in education.”

Holberton wins the 2017 School Leader EdTech Award

EdTech Digest is a significant resource in the educational community so we are very excited to be recognized with such a prestigious award. Holberton’s mission is to provide high-quality education to as many people, from as many walks of life, as possible.

We are open to anyone — ages of 18 to 128, whether an experienced programmer or not. The selection process is based only on talent and motivation. We enable students from every community and background to have the opportunity to become a software engineer. That’s also why the school is investing in students with no upfront tuition at all. Students contribute back to the program when they find a well paying job, via a percentage of their income.

In fact, applications are now open for the May and September batches: Apply now.

Come see what all the excitement is about.

Happy Birthday Betty Holberton – Software Pioneer

Happy Birthday Betty Holberton!

That’s right, yesterday was the birthday of our namesake, just a day before (today) when we celebrate International Women’s Day in the month when we celebrate women.

Frances Elizabeth “Betty” Holberton (March 7, 1917 – December 8, 2001) was one of the six original programmers of ENIAC, the first general-purpose electronic digital computer. Not discouraged, but spurred on when a math professor at the University of Pennsylvania asked her if she wouldn’t be better off at home raising children, Holberton computed ballistics trajectories during WWII and later also participated in the development of early standards for the COBOL and FORTRAN programming languages with Grace Hopper. She is literally one of the mother of the software technology that is all over our life!

Betty Holberton

And so, when my fellow co-founder Julien Barbier and I founded Holberton School to bring Full Stack engineering skills to those who have previously been denied access, Betty seemed like the natural “giant” for whom to name the school.

And we think she would be proud. In little over a year, more that 50% of our students are women and people of color. And they are succeeding!

After the first year, students found internships and jobs at major Bay Area companies including NASA, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Apple, Docker…

Happy Birthday Betty, and thank you for the inspiration!

StartupBegins features Holberton

Holberton School – We want to tell you the story of two french guys who are disrupting Silicon Valley teaching standards. Based in San Francisco, Holberton School offers a new type of education that is training the next generation of highly skilled software engineers. At Holberton, there are no formal teachers, but technical mentors. They just announced a $2.3 million fundraising with daphni. It’s just the beginning!

Posted by StartupBegins on Monday, February 27, 2017

Holberton School is training highly skilled Software Engineers and it turns out that the US economy will require a lot of them within the next decade: about 1M according to US CTO Megan Smith.
The school took inspiration from a methodology created in the 19th century: progressive education. Students learn by doing by working on projects with their classmates instead of sitting in hours of lectures.

Thank you StartupBegins for featuring us!

Is Learning By Doing the Future of Education?

I was recently interviewed by Pat O’Brien on Business Rockstars, “an Entrepreneurial Business Show that brings together some of the world’s biggest and most accomplished CEO’s as well as successful small business owners and Entrepreneurs,” about Holberton. Entrepreneurs are individuals with a lot of creativity, who are able to learn and figure out problems very quickly — a skill that is mandatory for many jobs including a Software Engineering type of job. That’s a big reason why Holberton convinced VCs to invest into our alternative to College based on progressive education, we are training Full-Stack Software Engineers that their portfolio companies need.

Take a look at the full interview:

1 Year of Holberton and Welcoming our 3rd Batch

What a day we had!

On Monday we celebrated. We celebrated our first year and we celebrated our third class of students arriving!

It has been a wild first year. First, we raised a $2 million seed round from investors Trinity Ventures (Dan Scholnick; board of directors, Docker and New Relic), Jerry Yang (co-founder and former CEO of Yahoo!), Partech Ventures, Jonathan Boutelle (co-founder of Slideshare) and we were off. Then we welcomed our first class of 32 students with an automated admissions process that accepted (and continues to accept) fewer than 2.5% of applicants (making it more than twice as hard to enter as Harvard). The process also made Holberton one of the most diverse software engineering schools, boasting a 40% class of women and nearly 50% people of color.

In October, we welcomed our second class of 29 students.And with less than half of their two-year program completed, the first class of Holberton students found internships and jobs at top Silicon Valley companies including Apple, Dropbox, NASA and Docker. And because students are trained to “learn how to learn,” companies remarked on their level of knowledge and skillset and how quickly they learned new languages and integrated with their teams.

On Monday, we were delighted to welcome students, relatives, mentors and investors for nice talks, while enjoying tasty food.

What challenges and successes are ahead for the next year, and the new students? We have some ideas 🙂

DSC02257 DSC02106 DSC02236 DSC02197 DSC_4601 DSC02366

Visit Holberton in San Francisco

Holberton is both exciting and challenging. Students spend the first 9 months of the 2-year program in our office in San Francisco, the heart of the Silicon Valley.

Becoming a great Full-Stack Software Engineer is a lot of work, and students spend hours at the school working on their projects and collaborating with peers. We work hard to make the school comfortable and imitate the collaborative setup that tech companies have in the Valley. Our local community including students, mentors, and guests who attended our meetups. They all loved the school design and we thought we would share also share it with you, our online community!

Are you living close to the Holberton and you are curious to see what is Holberton like IRL? We are organizing tours, get in touch with us to schedule a time: http://bit.ly/holberton-tour